Team Power

Team Power

Team Power

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and so is our Team Strength. Our team strength lies in the principle that says “Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate”. Each member of Unikaihatsu Team is trained to incorporate the Japanese principle of “Hou-Ren-Sou”, in his/her approach towards work. Hourensou(報連相 - ホウレンソウ)is a Japanese word made up of three parts: hou (houkoku – to report), ren (renraku - to give updates periodically) and sou (soudan - to consult or advise). It means to report out to others frequently, to keep those necessary, informed of your work, while remaining open to feedback and direction from a peer or direct.
Lets have a analytical look at our Team Strength and Sales Breakup.



Employee Breakup

    • Skilled resources from Design to Installation
    • Experienced IT engineers
    • Recruitment of fresh IT engineers every year



Japanese Language Breakup

    • Above 80% IT engineers with Japanese language proficiency
    • Communication possible with Level 3 (mid level)
    • Ability to read/write specification with Business Japanese A
    • Experience in Japanese translation

Functional Domain Breakup

    • Experience in Japan, Europe and India
    • Experience in Globalization and Localization


IT Related Breakup

    • Development / Maintenance more than 50%
    • Experience in Solution and Package development