Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap




    • Unikaihatsu has over 2 decades of business experience with India and Japan and hence good understanding of Japanese Culture,Quality, Delivery schedule and Trust
    •     Our Performance in Japan can gauged by below facts
      • Revenues above 98% from Japan since recent years.
      • Experience of mid and small sized projects (20 to 100 person months) in offshore outsourcing.
      • Experience of above 2,500 person months offshore outsourcing.




    • One of the key services in the efforts towards Bridging the Gap is Japanese Training
      •  Language, Culture, Specifications and understanding of Business Manners
      • Understanding accurately rather than literal translation
      • Recognition of “Customer Satisfaction”



 Why Unikaihatsu is Better ?

Japan Oriented

    • High Quality Japanese language skill
    • Over 98% of Business Revenues from Japan
    • Support Japanwide

Quality Manpower

    • Talent from Highly Reputed Universities of India
    • Willingness to perform
    • Talent acquisition from All over India

Wide Experience

    • Infra, Business, Embedded etc
    • Web Development, Application Development etc
    • Over 2 decades of experience in Japan