Business Description

Business Description

Business Description

Unikaihatsu Software is a specialized Software Services and Solution Provider to the niche Japanese and Indian Market. Unikaihatsu Software has close to 2 decades of business experience with India, Japan and other countries. Above 98% of the revenues have come from Japan since recent years. We have the experience of mid and small sized projects (20 to 100 person months) totaling to over 2,500 man months in offshore outsourcing. Please explore our wide range of services and solutions below:



We have the expertise and experience in development of Solutions specially designed and developed to help industries to meet their IT needs. Unikaihatsu delivers Solutions in wide range of areas. The rich set of Solutions developed by Unikaihatsu can be categorized into following areas:

    • Manufacturing
    • Government
    • Logistics / Distribution
    • Retail
    • Globalization/Localization
    • Network/Mobile/Embedded
    • Pharma
    • Banking
    • Freight
    • Education
    • Infrastructure
    • Entertainment

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Unikaihatsu Software provides a complete range of professional Services that meets the highest quality standards and assures complete customer satisfaction. Our primary areas of IT Services include Software Development and Outsourcing/Offshoring of following:

    • Web Development
    • Application Development
    • Package Development
    • Mobile Technology
    • Software Testing
    • Business Consulting

Apart from the above, Unikaihatsu provides Staffing services with highly talented Bilingual Engineers and Bilingual Bridge SEs that bring with them the best-in-class grooming and tradition of quality, efficiency, timeliness and adaptability.


Mobile Apps (Android, iPhone, iPad)

As Indians have spread around the world, they will always be eager to know what is happening in their home towns. So, to help them get the latest news from their hometowns, Unikaihatsu Software has released many Apps.

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Staffing Services

Unikaihatsu can dispatch talented Bilingual resources throughout Japan & India. It can be on long term or short term basis. We have 5 Sales Offices spreaded evenly throughout Japan giving the clients comfortable access to Unikaihatsu.

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Japanese Language Support

Unikaihatsu provides Japanese Language Services that include

    • Globalization
    • Localization
    • Domain Independent Translation
    • Interpretation
    • Business Consulting
    • Japanese Language Teaching that includes, culture and business mannerisms

We also provide Marketing, Sales and Support of Japanese IT products in India.

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Offshore Development Center

With close to 2 decades of experience working with Japan, we have come up with a evolving and mature process to carry out the efficient offshoring of work to India.

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Research and Development Center

We target the segment of customers looking of quality and long-term commitment towards offshoring the R & D Projects thus giving considerable cost benefits not only in software development but also in the R&D sector.

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Japan Offshore BPO Service

In Japanese BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) services, we take bulk orders. We will do the Planning, Design and Operate all or part of the internal operations of Japanese companies (General Affairs, Accounting, Human Resources).

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